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The boxing match of the decade is soon to begin and is likely to last for an hour. During the battle, while the gamblers and dealers are sitting in the stands, and the safe is full of money, it’s your breakout team's opportunity to enter the heavy gamblers’ floor and find your way to the safe.


The robbery is ell planned and you have everything your need. Will you be able to get to the money and escape before the fight is over and everyone is back?

Casino Robbery

2-6 Players

Single Room

6-12 Players

Double Room

Corporate clients

Our rooms are designed to require people to work together as a team in order to escape successfully. This philosophy provides a unique opportunity for business and private groups.


Our rooms can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time! And there's nothing like competition between the two rooms to encourage team building.

All games include cold and hot drinks and refreshments.


You can order VIP Escape Room experience with a snack, beers and desserts before the game for an additional fee, details will be shared on the phone.


?What is an escape room

Escape Room is a room where you and your team have 60 minutes to complete the task and get out. You will meet a realistic adventure in which you will need to find clues, solve puzzles and tasks in one room or more to achieve the goal.

It Is required to make a reservation?

Yes. We recommend that you book in advance as long as possible to ensure a time and day which are most convenient for you.

What happens if we are late?

Booking time compulsory. It is in order for an organised briefing, the need to drink coffee and go to the bathroom, and 60 minutes in the room. We will try to absorb minor delays, but never hurt the group that will be joining us after you(as we would not delay you because of a delay of the group in front of you). Therefore, if you are late, the time in the room may be shortened.

What is the duration?

The game itself lasts about 60 minutes but before entering the room you will be a briefed for a few minutes. Please arrive on time (no need to arrive before as well)

Are cell phones permitted during the game?

No, entering the room with cell phones or other electronic means are prohibited. They only disturb you. We will keep your personal belongings in the locker locked until the end of the game.

So what's special about it?

The action takes place in real time in the real world, and you have an opportunity to come in contact with your team like in the good old table games, through an impressive scenery and intelligent complex puzzles. Escape Rooms provide a different and unforgettable experience.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Unable to attend, don’t worry, we understand that sometimes in life there are constraints. We will not charge you. We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash or credit.

Is it possible to celebrate a special occasion with you?

Sure, the place is adjusted for special occasions. Bachelor parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, and so on. Give us a call - we know how to make your special day become an interesting adventure.



* 10% discount for soldiers and students - proper id required.

* 50% birthday discount for the celebrating person only - ID required.

* 50% discount for children ages 6-10.

* Free entrance for children under 6.

* No double discounts.

# of Players

110 NIS

120 NIS

100 NIS

90 NIS






About Us

Question builds and operates "Escape rooms". The company's vision is to provide an intelligent alternative to going out, by creating a unique experience. Unlike other forms of entertainment such as movies, theatre and video games, at "Question escape rooms" - you're not just watching the story, you are a part of it, and you can changes the plot. It is up to you and your team. Can you reach a solution before time runs out?

How To Play?

The escape room begins with a briefing given by the game master. After the briefing, the door closes and locks the countdown begins - you have 60 minutes to sort out the mission! You must explore the room for clues everywhere. Solving one mystery puzzle leads to another which could be a code lock, a door opening to another room or just a deception. If you reach a dead end, you can get a hint to continue.

Your goal - succeed to solve the task and leave the room as soon as possible.


Habarzel 31, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv

Emanuel house, floor #4

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